Public Services

Public Services

This is me when I did the Army week in September and when we walked up Pen-Y-Fan in November

This is my very first blog. So please bare with me.

For my first blog I’ve decided to talk bout the college course I’m studying.

The college course I’m studying is a BTEC Level 3 Public Services. This course is a 2 year course and looks at the different current affairs that can affect  the public services. Whether it’s a statutory or non-statutory service.

Since this course is a 2year course we have a total of 18 units. 9 this year and 9 next year. A few units we have are Government and policies and how they affect the Uniform Public Services (UPS), Teamwork and Leadership in the UPS, Citizenship and Diversity and Responding to emergency incidents. There is a wide range of units from fitness to current affairs and teamwork. Units such as Government and policies or Citizenship and Diversity allow us to give our own opinions to current affairs.

I’ve been on this course for 6 months and have already done so much. We have done an Army week, walked up Pen-Y-Fan, been indoor rock climbing, and had various talks with our local police force. Which has always been an interest to us all. Every single activity we have done so far I have enjoyed and hope to do them again on this course.

On this course we have also looked at the different fitness tests for the different services and have given the tests ago. A few of these are mile and a half run, bleep test, ladder lift, push and pull test and 2 minute push up test. Not only has these test showed us what recruites do but has also showed us what we need to do to improve our fitness. In order to get into the service of our choice. Whether it be the Military, Police, Ambulance or Fire service


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